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Top 25 Cat Blogs Both Pet Lovers Should Hear About

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If you read this, you either are a cat lover or you want to be one. Let us help. Let us help. If you’re searching for ratings, pet videos, cat photographs, or cat tips, you can find a blog or two.

We considered it fair to share just a handful of our favourites with so many pet blogs and websites out there. These pages are not clearly rated or ranked and please let us know in the following comments if we have overlooked one of your favourites!
The Furtholder The
The Furrtographer is a pet photography website, and it is Josh Norem who is behind the camera and the blog. He reveals his images of cats, dogs and other creatures, as well as some notable animals. He is an expert photographer of pet, a die-hard cat and he himself is a cat owner.
Solutions Feline Actions

This website is run by a licenced pet conduct expert, who blogs about behavioural interventions and offers local assistance to those who need support (Portland). Her key task is to avoid cats being neglected, exploited or giving up in shelters due to handicapped behavioural problems.
Kitty Pawsome
Led by Rebecca Welters, a self-appointed pet lady and cat enthusiast, Pawsome Kitty is the pioneer in offering new cat posts, guidebooks, product reviews, and more. This website is a wonderful source of knowledge for pet owners finding comprehensive cat food recommendations, healthcare tips and race information.
Meow Love
This site is devoted to pet love distributed to animals enthusiasts. Articles contribute to hot tales, pet reports and information about rescue. Cat videos and nice stories on big cats are also available.
Cat Smoking

Tuxedo Cat is a website created to speak out and promote the cause of Tuxedo Cats worldwide. It seeks to promote the promotion of black and white or smoking cats among more individuals. This blog has risen to almost 30.000 readers a month in the last two years.
Days with Catnip

The Catnip Times is a cat advocates website with a cat advocate. Lauren Mieli, among other items, is the author, owner and user of this site. She works at local animal shelters near her home in Chicago, Illinois, in addition to delivering insightful cat-related posts and product reviews.
Cats of the Swiss

The Swiss Cats, a blog about the everyday life of two Swiss cats, looks like that. Product reviews and recommendations are also available on the website. The website is provided in German, English, French and Italian.
Cats’ Lives
Life with cats is a forum for cats entertainment. This is like People Magazine for pet enthusiasts, with cat tales, videos, pictures and cat news. A snapshot of your pet kitty can also be posted to the fan list.
The Beware Cat

The Aware Pet is your thorough guide for cats and their people to live consciously, healthily and happily. The blog has been written and published in Cat Fancy Magazine, Kittend’s Animal Health Magazine and several other magazines by accredited veterinarian journalist Ingrid King. This blog is now online.
Cats of Transport

This is the blog for you if you love to fly and love animals. Maker, since 2013 Vanessa Morgan has been travelling around the world photographing cats. Her website has already won several ‘best of’ honours in many publicaciones.

Holding Chickens

Holding Kittens is a blog about kitten treatment. This is a wonderful place to start, if you just adopted your first kitten. Holding Kittens offers everything from kitten names to kitten wellbeing, and you can inquire a veterinarian on the webpage, which does not appear there.
The Cat I Hear

The cat on my head is listed in its own right as “a website devoted mainly to the comic antique of an 8-cat household.” Janet Buickerood Blue, a published blogger, artist and editor, is the person responsible for this blog. She shares all of her cats, past and current accounts, pictures and poetics.

Cats of Chirpy
Chirpy Cats is a blog which seeks to harmonise the relationship between cat and its people. Here they offer hints, suggestions and feedback for pet items to help you appreciate your cat and improve your life.
Desires Kitty
For like-minded animal lovers, Kitty Desires was started by Ryan Heinrich. His blog focuses on “How to care for a kitten” and “Do not spray your cat” along with other useful posts.
7th cats in the moon

This website is operated by a certified contractor who devotes time and resources to cats. Her focus is on cats raising and breeding, but she also publishes good articles, recipes and personal artworks.

Cat Kitty

Created in 2004, the Kitty Cat Blog is a cat-loving community. This website offers a range of services, in addition to information on animals sitting, cat rescue, veterinarian directories and cat hotels.
Big Cat Tiny

This place is an all-round stop shop. It offers all sorts of material, including fitness, diet, behaviour, pets and links to other useful websites. Many of the papers have been written by a veterinarian practitioner and others have a holistic view.

Live Feline
Feline Living is a place to look after your pet at all times of his life. They have inspection, behaviour advice, diet manuals, wellbeing and safety as lists of cats’ names. It’s an outstanding resource with a website that is easy to navigate.
Goddess Athena Pet
A human named Marie and her pet Athena runs this website. The platform encourages animal adoption and awareness for any appropriate animal as well as blogging about cats, sharing cat selfies and books.
Cat’s Sandpiper

The forum for a pet and the human she rescued in 2011 started with Sandpiper Cat. While Rachel, the website blogger has been posting cat product reviews, stories and book suggestions to cat lovers all over the world for many years now.
The World of Cats
Without Katzenworld, the “top blog” list is not complete. Written as one stop on all the cats by a party of friends, they’ve protected you. No wonder they have earned so many badges and accolades with insightful posts, warming stories, competitions, product reviews and so on.
Rascal & Rock

The website consists of two cats brothers who appear to get wild. The blog includes guest posts, blogs, charities and even an animal portraits feature. The photographs and stories of Rascal and Rocco will show us the pet lover.
Life for Animal Shelter
Pet shelter Shelter Volunteer Life is a cats blog that crosses a no kill hiding spot called the Hands. This website posts lots of photos of animals searching for a family and an explanation of how they have been rescued at the shelter.
Blog of Meow
The best blog for pet owners is the meow blog. The aim of this site is to share cat images, rescue stories, adorable photos, and to share them. They still have the same storey if you like to see the tales of other species such as cats, dogs and donkey.
We’re just cats
We’re All About Cats has begun building a pet fan forum while providing useful knowledge about cats raising. Cat food ratings, nutritional statistics, product reviews, cat names and more are available here.

Today’s Cat Life
Today Pet Life is a cat owners resource that searches for expert cats knowledge. It gives review and recommendations on cat items and raises awareness on the rights of cats and animals.
Cats of Iceland
Island Cats provides not only ratings and information but also covers the antiquities of 3 lovely cats living on Michigan Island. The three “Icelandic” cats tell the stories and ratings, and features like the Mancat Monday and the Tabby Tuesday are also available.

Feel free to make our list! And thanks for the hard work you have done! We give you the following badge to our winners on your impressive website. For our next round, we will continue to watch for forthcoming cat posts! Your favourite, please share.

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