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The cat with the maximum precise smile

if you want a cat who’s always happy then the Chartreux is for you!

Legend has it the Chartreux had been bred with the aid of Carthusian clergymen in France. there’s some debate about once they grew to become up, some saying it become around the 13th century, at the same time as others say it turned into the 18th century. studies shows that these French cats definitely originated in ancient Persia and have been maximum possibly brought returned to France via knights returning from the Crusades.

look and Markings
The Chartreux is frequently defined as a potato on toothpicks due to their large higher body and quick legs. Their blue-gray coat is thick, water resistant and is said to sense much like sheep’s wool. Their most suited trait, but, is their everlasting smile—the result of a rounded head that tapers to a slender muzzle. One study those upturned lips is certain to decorate all and sundry’s day!

Behaviour and Temperament
those smiling beauties are very communicative, but no longer in the equal manner as different breeds. in preference to meow, the Chartreux communicates both thru their expressive eyes or through a small chirping noise. they may be regarded to be wonderful hunters (which might be why the priests stored them around) so want to be stimulated with lots of toys. but, the Chartreux also likes their down time, wanting masses of spaces so that it will curl up and take a sleep.

The Chartreux is calm and affectionate in nature, and consequently does properly with children who recognize the importance of drawing near animals with care. at the same time as they don’t dislike human beings, they aren’t social butterflies both, so it can take them some time to warm up to new family members or visitors. however, they may be quite unswerving to the ones they love and are usually up for cuddles. if you’re looking for an shrewd cat who can comply with the policies then the Chartruex is for you.

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